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A Legionella Risk Assessment is an assessment of a water system with regard to the opportunities the system provides for supporting the proliferation of Legionella bacteria and their discharge in the form of aerosols. It should identify all aspects of a building's or facility's water systems, including hot and cold water services (e.g. taps and showers), dental water lines, industrial and process systems such as pumps, heat exchangers, cutting machines, pressure washers, etc. that are likely to create a Legionella risk.

The assessment should establish:

  • If there are conditions present which will encourage Legionella bacteria to multiply e.g. is the water temperature between 20C and 50C?
  • If small water droplets or aerosols will be produced and, if so, could they be inhaled by people? Cooling towers have been shown to distribute Legionella infected aerosols over very large areas and so represent a high risk to a large number of people. Aerosols from other water systems such as taps and showers will be more confined and may cause sporadic cases of Legionnaires' disease rather than clusters of cases or outbreaks.
  • If it is likely that anyone considered to be more "at risk" will come into contact with contaminated water droplets. For example, the elderley and immuno-suppressed.

Safety Priorities Ltd. and Dental Support Ltd. are delighted to now be able to offer a Legionella Risk Assessment service in compliance with HTM01-05.

Our Legionella Risk Assessments are fully compliant with the Health and Safety Commissions, Approved Code of Practice, and Guidance L8 document - "the control of Legionella bacteria in Water Systems".

As a special introductory offer price, the legionella risk assessments are currently available for £299.
Further discounts are available if 3 or more Practices in your area combine.

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