Our CQC Compliance File offers CQC Guidance about Compliance and fully prepares you for CQC Provider Compliance Assessment

Dental Clinical Governance // CQC Guidance about Compliance

Safety Priorities Ltd and Dental Support UK Ltd are the Dental Leaders in providing an on-going and contracted help and assistance in matters relating to Health & Safety and Employment Law compliances to hundreds of Dental Practices throughout the UK and we are pleased to announce the release of our much requested and completed file:

'The CQC Compliance File'
...saving you 100's of hours of work and time!

The CQC Compliance File is your complete answer to the nightmare of CQC compliance, which complies fully with the CQC requirements and provides you with the CQC guidance you need. All policies, protocols and procedures are all ready supplied and written for your practice and in most cases all you need to do is sign the document and then enforce it's requirements.

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  CQC Compliance
  Employment Law
  Patient Care
  Complaints Procedures

Dental Clinical Governance by Safety Priorities
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Click here to watch a short video and find out how the CQC File has helped other dental practitioners


Click here to watch a short video and find out how the CQC File has helped other dental practitioners looking for CQC guidance and support.

Please click here to download our CQC File leaflet.

If you're looking for CQC guidance about compliance, call us directly on 01483 225550 for more information on our packages or to request your copy of the CQC File. This can also be purchased online now for a limited period at a Promotional Price.



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